Model trains

As a little boy I already loved trains.
Got my first (plastic) train when I was around 5 years old.
Later I played with Lego trains. You could build them as you likes and also build houses, stations and scenery.

I think I was around 12 years when I father bought me a real electric HO model train. It was a set a trailer HEMA sold. In fact it was a Lima trainset.
After this nice present I was completely hooked. Started to save money to buy more. And when I was 16, I had a big table with about 22 meters rails, mountains, houses, river, briges and many more.
Becuase I did not have much to spend, I build a lot of stuff myself with rubbish you would throw away anyway. I build trees, signals, scenery and more. Build in light in locomotives and carriages.

And then you fall in love, get married, have children. And don't have the money, time and space to continue this nice hobby. I always kept the rails, trains and buildings in boxes at my attic.

Now, in 2019, after more then 40 years, I restart this great hobby. Made a plan, see below. The idea is

to start this winter buidling a frame to put the rails on.

First plan.