Since I was eigthteen I wanted to drive a motorcycle. It wasn't ment to be.
First I had to pass my drivers license, because I needed it for my job(s).

In the meantime I bought a Yamaha 50cc moped, which I drove for 2 years. See picture below.

And then, in August 2017, my son Alexander gave me a two hour motorbike trial lesson. I was hooked instantly. And the same day I decide to get my motorbike license.
In the Netherlands you have to do a three step exam. First you need to be able to control the bike. And do the exam. Before one can do the motorbike exam on the road, one has to pass the theory exam.
On December 6, 2017, I passed the last exam.

The big search started to find a bike to my liking. I only knew I wanted a tour bike. And not too expensive of course. Internet is ideal to search for stuff, also to find a bike. Quiet soon I noticed the Honda Deaville 650 being advertised on several sites. This is a 650cc bike with 56HP. Nice starter bike. The Dutch Honda Deaville Club has a good website and forum where I could find a ton of information and helpfull people too. Became a member and more or less decide to go look for a Honda Deauville 650 or 700.
And it did not take that long. On January 6, 2018 I bought a Deauville 650. The one pictured at the left top corner.

My brother also passed his motorbike exam and bougth the same day a Yamaha Diversion 600. And our other brother also drives a motorbike for almost 26 years. As are my son and other family members and friends.
You can image we did some tours together. Now, December 2018, I have driven more then 10000km. And I love it.

My Yamaha FS1 50cc moped,
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