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formerly know as Thomson Reuters.

Since December 10, 1984 I work for (Thomson) Reuters.
As of October 1st the Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters was sold to Blackstone, which formed the "startup" Refinitiv.
I started as maintenance engineer. Reuters produced it's own equipment and provided training on these products within the company. First in London and later in Geneva.

These days standard equipment is used. The software is unique and developed within the company.
Currently the software is installed on client owned equipment.

My job has changed from hardware engineer to software engineer and I worked as a consultant on  RMDS (Reuters Market Data Systems), also called TREP (Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform).
I provided training to client system engineers at several banks and organisations. Both in the Netherlands and abroad.

My current assigment is as an on-site Dealing Room Support engineer at the Rabobank. Where I maintain the backend and frontend systems of Refinitiv, besides the normal IT work for Rabobank. Currently involved in the DRS Windows 10 upgrade project team.

In 2018 the Financial and Risk departments of Thomson Reuters were sold to Blackstone. And became a startup called Refinitiv.

In 2020 Refinitiv was slod to the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).


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