Curriculum Vitae


Personal Details

Name Kraaijkamp
Initials R.J.
Christian name Ron
Residence Lopik
Nationality Dutch
Marrial status Single
Date of birth August 10, 1959
Place of birth Utrecht
Occupation System Integrator and Financial Solutions Technical Consultant at Thomson Reuters
Availability After consultation


1971 - 1976 Mavo, Utrecht, the Nederlands. Diploma achieved.
1976 - 1981 MTS (elektronica), Utrecht, the Nederlands. Diploma achieved.


1981 - 1985 Selfstudy programming in Basic and machine language on Z80 en 8086 processor
1984 - present Via employer (Thomson) Reuters
  Various internal courses for Reuters' specific products (dozens), certificates achieved.

RMDS/TREP specific:
3000 Xtra
Windows XP, 7 and 10

1994 NT4 workstation
2005 ITIL Foundation, certificate archieved.
2005 Prince2 Foundation, certificate archieved.
2006 Team building event, Belgian Ardennes.
2007 Project management (Reuters internal, Brussels), certificate archieved.
2007 Mansal: Customer-oriented acting, certificate archieved.
2008 - 2009 Intuition: Introduction to the Financial Markets, module 1 en 2
2009 Advance RMDS (as a "train de trainer" course and refresh course advanced RMDS),
2009 Start with Linux certification
2010 The Art & Science of Positive Influence, by Amy Carroll
2011 Thomson Reuters: Technical Eikon training, installation and fault finding (Eikon: Thomson Reuters desktop and infrastructure)
  Thomson Reuters: Eikon eLearning, all modules
  Thomson Reuters: Third Party Data Compliance
  Thomson Reuters: Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Acknowledgement
  Thomson Reuters: Diversity in Practice
  Skillsoft eLearning: Internet Site Development
  Skillsoft eLearning: Web 2.0 Fundamentals
  Skillsoft eLearning: Web Development Fundamentals


2020 - now Refinitiv, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  In 2020 Refinitiv was sold to the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).
My work did not change.
2018 - 2020 Refinitiv, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  October 1, 2018 the Financial and Risk part of Thomson Reuters was sold to Blackstone and became the startup Refinitiv.

Most of my time I am working external for Rabobank International as an on-site engineer at the Dealing Room Support (DRS) desk.
First I support our product users and furthermore I support the DRS team in the day to day tasks.
2008 - 2018 Thomson Reuters, Amsterdam, the Nederlands
  April 17, 2008 Reuters merged with Thomson.

Most of my time I am working external for Rabobank International as an on-site engineer at the Dealing Room Support (DRS) desk.
First I support our product users and furthermore I support the DRS team in the day to day tasks.
1984 - 2008 Reuters B.V., Amsterdam, the Nederlands
  (Thomson) Reuters is the world's leading source of intelligent information for business and professionals.
Also (Thomson) Reuters delivers World (photo) news to a wide range of institutions.

As a maintenance engineer, I repaired all kind of equipment, internal, but mostly external at the client site. This varied from newsticket printers, specific Reuters equipment, to complete arbitrage systems. Considering the markets we work in, work was done under (time) presure.

Later work shifted towards software installation and maintenance on Solaris en Windows system and technical project management, documenting and administer, when installing RMDS system.

Besides the above activities, consulting and training for clients are added to my tasks.

1987 - 1989 As on-site engineer at ABN Bank, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
1991 - 1992 As on-site engineer at Rabobank International building and maintaining a Triarch installation, in all its aspects. Utrecht, the Netherlands.
2008 - 2009  
  April 17, 2008 Reuters merged with Thomson.

Activities did not change.
1982 - 1984 A.C.D. (Automatische Controle Dienst), Vianen, the Nederlands

Building, maintaining telephone alarm systems, especially systems for several water board districts in the Netherlands.
Deliver all kinds of security systems at broad type of companies.

1981 - 1982 Apprenticeship MTS
  Mulder Elektronica, Den Bosch, the Nederlands
Electronic parts and equipment.
  Sonar Geluidstechniek, Driebergen, the Nederlands
Sound and Vision techniques.
  Fobeco B.V., Vianen, the Nederland
Food and beverage control, automation equipment.


Hardware Digital PDP8a, Intel x86, Sun (Sparc, Ultra, Fire)
Software MS-DOS, WFW, Win9x, Windows NT, W2K, WinXP, Vista, Win7, Unix/Solaris, Open Windows
  MS-Office, Open Office, VMware, VirtualBox, 3000Xtra, Power Plus Pro
Programming/webtools Basic / HTML, PHP, CMS, (Java)

Additional information



Dutch Good proficiency, spoken as in writing.
English Good proficiency knowledge, spoken as in writing.
Driver license BE/T/A

Personal interests

Websites building As voluntary work:
Brugkerk Lopik
Huidverzorgings Instituut Lopik
Progstreaming and related
Jumelage Lopik
Voetveer Ameide Lopik/Stichting de Overkant

Glas Atelier de Grienduil
Photographing Landscapes and concerts.
Music Listen to- and visits concerts/festivals with symphonic/progressive rock music.
Rambling Recreational walking/rambling in Lopikerwaard (center of the Netherlands and other rural settings.
Motorcycling Recreational driving scenic routes in the Netherlands and BeLux.

Foto Ron Kraaijkamp