Youth Jumelage 15 july - 21 juli 2007, Lopik, Lezoux, Sarsina & Grebenstein

Welcome to the photo site of the Youth Jumelage.
Here you can find the photo's made by Laura and me (Ron) during the week.

The photo's are downscaled to an usable webpage size.
When you need a bigger picture, please send me an email with the photo number (under the photo) and I will send it to you in the original format.

Please use the English language (or Dutch).

More photo's can be found on

Jumelage website of Lopik

The Photo's

Arrival and welcome, 15 july 2007

Get to know each other and building rafts, 16 july 2007

Outdoor sports in Benschop and contacting home, 17 july 2007

Madurodam, beach sports at Scheveningen and a beach party in Uitweg, 18 july 2007

Relax at Salmsteke, indoor sports in Lopik, eat and drink and a nightly walk in Benschop, 19 july 2007
Diner at Rijma's, 19 july 2007

Visit 'de Dom' and the city of Utrecht, fairwell party and leave of our Frence & Italian guests, 20 july 2007

Fairwell and leave of our German guests, 21 july 2007

We hope to see you again in the near future...