This year two jumelage events are planned.

First Lopik will host guests from Grebenstein (Germany), Lezoux (France) and Sarsina (Italy).
Secondly a youth exchange programme is planned in Lezoux.

Read more on the websites of (Dutch): Gemeente Lopik and Stichting Jumelage Lopik.
Pictures are resized for quick internet loading. When you want a picture in it's original size, please drop an email with the name of the photo (in English or Dutch; with right mouse key click on picture and choose properties, the name of the picture will be shown).

Mr. Olaf Thoran has written a Jumelage Guide document, during the last visit in Lopik, with short definitions in all our four languages. Mr. Thoran could use some help to draft the document futher. When you want to help mr. Thoran, please sent an email.


Youth Jumelage party 2007
Take a look at the pictures of the Youth Jumelage held in July 2007.
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