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Work has to be fun. Generally spoken I manage to laugh and have fun every day.

Ofcourse I continue to work. Just because of the fun the work will be better and easier.

A good balance between work and private time is important to me.

Besides three apprenticeships, I have worked for A.C.D. in Vianen, and after that with Reuters B.V. . Reuters has merged with Thomson in 2008 and became Thomson Reuters.

At A.C.D. I was responsible for the production and maintenance of the telephonic alarm systems they produced. I stayed for about three years.

This year (2011) I work for more than 26 years at (Thomson) Reuters.
Reuters is the biggest Market Data vendor in the world. You probably know them from their news pictures in newspapers and television.

See my C.V. for details

Haraka haraka haina baraka is a Swahili proverb that translates as "hurry, hurry has no blessing".
It is equivalent to the English proverb "Haste makes waste". It's so much cooler.

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